Concierge - frequently asked

What is the Concierge Service?

The Concierge Service provides you with additional information about a piece of jewellery and is happy to give you advice. If you are interested in a piece of jewellery and would like the chance to take a closer look at it, the Concierge Service will arrange a meeting for you with one of our jewellery partners in your area, with no obligation to purchase. They inform our jewellery partner of what you are interested in. Then if you like it, you can purchase the piece of jewellery directly from the specialist retailer.

Jewellery and indulgence belong together. The Concierge Service at Leo Wittwer and the gourmet magazine ‘Der Feinschmecker’ offer the perfect setting for celebrating the moment of giving a gift. We book a restaurant for you according to your wishes, where you can indulge in culinary delights and experience something special, to make this moment of giving something unforgettable.

The Concierge Service is currently only available in Germany.

How can you use the Concierge Service?

Click on “I would like advice” and fill out your request, then you just need to send it. The Concierge Service will contact you soon via the channel of your choice.

Do you need to pay to use the Concierge Service?

No, because Leo Wittwer does not only want to produce charming jewellery
in its own factory, but also give you the gift a luxurious setting. Therefore, the service is provided in the course of a product purchase by Leo Wittwer and the specialist retailer is free for you.

How does the Concierge Service ensure the quality of the recommendations?

Trained employees from the Leo Wittwer company are ready to give you personalised information about pieces of jewellery. Any information about the restaurant is currently being prepared by the gourmet magazine ‘Der Feinschmecker’.