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Sapphires belong to one of the most beautiful groups of gemstones, the corundum. Its fascinating interplay of colours is luxuriously accentuated by the Cushion Cut. The diamonds, crafted in a prong setting, highlight the extraordinary beauty of the orange sapphire, the Padparadscha.


750/- Rose gold
Safir ca. 0.36ct (G/VSi) brillant


Rose gold

We only use 750/-Gold, our own alloy, which is colouring and stands for our quality, it is our own creation. The shade of gold is warm and can be combined well with other colours.



Only the best in cut and quality are processed, gemstones are exclusively searched for in person by Frank Maier, CEO of Leo Wittwer, meaning that great effort is taken to find particular gemstones.

Vivid Colours

The Vivid Colours line reflects the fascinating variety of gems that nature has given us.

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