Vivid Colours

The World of Colours
The Vivid Colours line reflects the fascinating variety of gemstones that nature offers us. The impressive palette of colours of the gemstones are achieved through special cuts like, for example, the cushion cut, emphasised in graceful beauty. The gemstones captivate us with their personality or they are accompanied by diamonds.

LEO Crosses

an icon since 1920
The legendary Leo Wittwer Cross was created in 1990. Frank Maier developed the first designs; an unmistakable piece of jewellery was likely being created. Initially the design only offered one size, later other sizes were added. Different diamond cuts or natural brown diamonds shaped the varied expression of this icon. In the course of time, charming variations emerged and the legendary Leo Wittwer Cross became a personal item of jewellery for both men and women, as something that underlines their lifestyle. The Leo Wittwer Cross became a brand identity for Leo Wittwer.

LEO Puppies

Find your own companion
Indulging in childhood memories and thinking back to the days of our cuddly toys comforts the soul. The Leo Puppies by Leo Wittwer, lovingly dubbed by Vogue as "Little Darlings" in November 2019, once again take us back to this world.

Panta rhei®

The Circles of Life
Panta rhei® - "everything flows", everything is in motion - this is the thinking behind the Panta Rhei® line. The "Circles of Life" stand for the ups and downs in life and the dynamics that life offers. The circles represent the different life cycles we go through, small diamonds embody normal life and the large diamonds represent the symbol of the richness of life, united to a life in motion and beauty.

LEO Homme

Striking & Stylish
Men's jewellery is a statement for men - in business - chic, elegant with cufflinks - in private - the cross is visibly worn with a striking bangle or leather bracelet. We see ourselves as a made-to-measure shop for men's wishes, because jewellery should be as individual as any personal bespoke suit. Having the freedom to choose how the personal item of jewellery should look, e.g. the colour of the bracelet matches the dial of the watch, is something we implement with craftsmanship. Made in Germany.

LEO Classics

Timeless Elegance
Timeless elegance, that's what the Leo Classic line stands for. It embodies clarity and exclusive taste with a noticeable striking character, comfortable and luxurious. Various diamond cuts highlight the special nature of these pieces of jewellery, e.g. the classic diamond cut, princess cut, heart cut or emerald cut. They are pieces of jewellery for special occasions with personal memories.

LEO Portofino

Casual Luxury
The Portofino line is crafted with different colours in cold enamel and offers a jewellery line that is an uncomplicated companion for your every day. It is fashionably chic and comes to life through its luxurious understatement. Depending on the colour of the cold enamel and different shades of gold, the pieces of jewellery shine differently in minimalist beauty. The Portofino line is for women who are in the midst of life and emphasise their outfits with jewellery.

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Vivid Colours


Panta rhei® Bangle

Sweet Dreams

Panta rhei®

An icon since 1990

The Leo Wittwer Cross

Eternal Love

The Signature Memoire Ring by Leo Wittwer

Leo Homme

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