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Jewellery is a matter of trust

Carefully designed pieces of jewellery. Handmade from the highest quality materials. Made in Germany. These are all things that make the Leo Wittwer brand stand out. There is heart and soul in every piece of jewellery and we would like to offer you an all-round perfect experience. For us, this naturally includes the pleasant and upscale atmosphere of a jewellery store as well as competent advice on site.

So you can always be sure to purchase a genuine and certified Leo Wittwer piece of jewellery from a Leo Wittwer jewellery partner.

High-quality jewellery is a piece of joie de vivre – and that for a lifetime.

Leo Wittwer Corner at Jewellery Dodenhof close to Bremen, Germany

Frequently asked questions

Browse from home and choose your new favorite jewelry. You can choose up to three pieces of jewellery.

Continue to make your appointment. You can set preferences on which days or times you would like to visit your chosen Leo Wittwer Jeweler Partner.

Once you have sent a request, the Leo Wittwer team takes care and makes sure that your selected jewellery is available at your jeweller’s and organize an appointment date for you. When everything is ready you will receive an email with proposed dates from which you can choose and confirm your appointment.

Visit your jeweller on your confirmed date and enjoy the jewellery and personal consulting. If you like the piece of jewellery you can purchase it directly from your jeweller.

You can make an appointment via the “your selection” area or directly via the button “View at the jeweler” on the product page. Here you can define your preferences on which days or times you have time to visit the Leo Wittwer Jeweler Partner you have selected. After you have sent a request, the Leo Wittwer team will make an appointment with the jeweller and check if the selected jewellery is available.

You can search for a Leo Wittwer jeweler partner in your area by using our store finder

If you cannot find a jeweller near you, you can always contact us and we will try to make an alternative arrangement for you.

You can order up to 3 pieces of jewelry to our jewelry partner.

On the basis of orders from our jewellery partners, we determine the size most in demand, it serves as information during production. If this size is not the right one, the jeweller will determine your size and the piece of jewellery will be made individually for you

Payment is made exclusively through our jewellery partner.

No, if you do not like the selected pieces of jewellery you are not obliged to buy them.

If you cannot make the appointment please notify us via email or phone, please do so the day before at the latest. If you like we would be happy to help you arrange a new appointment.

No, because we work exclusively with our jewellery partners.

The prices displayed on our website are recommended retail prices.