The Ultimate

Haute Joaillerie for everyday

These pieces of jewellery are a tribute to the perfect interplay of exquisite design and masterful craftsmanship. The Leo Wittwer manufactory creates pieces of jewellery of incomparable beauty and elegance that meet the highest demands and yet are made for everyday wear. “The Ultimate” makes the illusion that a piece of jewellery consists solely of diamonds a reality.

Manufacture expertise

Each piece of jewellery in this collection is a work of art that is meticulously handcrafted. Frank Maier, Creative Director of Leo Wittwer, developed and perfected this method over many months in close collaboration with goldsmiths, setters and fine polishers. It is a very elaborate and laborious process to create a piece of jewellery that constantly rotates between goldsmithing, setting and fine polishing. Gold parts are filed by hand into a pyramid shape to create the visual impression of an additional facet, then diamonds are set, and polishing must be applied in between.

Everyday luxury

With “The Ultimate”, Leo Wittwer brings the world of haute joaillerie into your everyday life – adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to both festive occasions and everyday events. “The Ultimate” combines exquisite aesthetics with unrivalled comfort, so that you can be enchanted by its beauty every day.