Love Icon

A piece of jewellery that brings a wonderful moment back to life, even years later, must be just as special as the occasion to which it is dedicated. That is why Leo Wittwer has devoted itself for the first time entirely to love and partnership with LOVE ICON. With extraordinary design, alloys ranging from rose gold to platinum and the highest manufacturing quality that is typical of Leo Wittwer, the manufacture takes jewellery for romantics to a whole new, luxurious level that is true to the meaning of love in all its facets.

The Engagement Ring

Nothing is classier than popping the most significant question of one’s life with a ring of breathtaking beauty. Tradition dictates that an engagement ring should be a solitaire, forever commemorating the beginning of the most wonderful story that life can write, with a magnificent diamond. The engagement rings in the LOVE ICON line fulfil this noble purpose with diamonds in extraordinary sizes, colours and cuts.

Looking at the engagement ring takes us back to the beginning of the most beautiful story life can write.

The wedding band

The wedding ring should not outshine the great event it symbolises. However, this does not mean that it has to appear insignificant. This is proven by the extraordinary wedding rings in the LOVE ICON collection designed by Frank Maier: expressive pieces of jewellery on which the light dances on their artistically designed surfaces.

Engagement and wedding rings remind us of two wonderful things: the beginning of a great love and its longevity.

The eternity ring

Whether it is the anniversary of marriage or the birth of a child – there are many wonderful events that one would like to be reminded of over and over again. Nothing is better suited to this than an eternity ring, which symbolises precisely such memorable moments with its diamonds set side by side in a series. Besides its romantic purpose, this piece of jewellery also has a very special aesthetic effect: combined with the traditionally rather modest wedding ring, it adds life and glamour to the hand. When worn in a trio with an engagement ring and a wedding ring, the whole beauty of jewellery craftsmanship, from simple to breathtaking, is revealed on one’ s finger.

Meant to be

One of the most outstanding qualities of LOVE ICON is that all the jewellery pieces in the collection fit together perfectly, no matter how you combine them. Be it an engagement ring and a wedding band, a wedding band and an eternity ring or all three pieces of jewellery together – they smoothly fit together on the finger and aesthetically complement each other to form a harmonious ensemble. The reason: Creative Director Frank Maier deliberately designed the pieces of jewellery to complement each other during the development of LOVE ICON in such a way that they can be complemented over the years with other pieces of jewellery from the collection according to one’s own life story and individual taste.

Love Icon jewellery