The Leo Wittwer company was founded in 1920 in Pforzheim by its namesake Leo Wittwer. First it makes small silver charms as well as small silver crosses.


Reiner Maier becomes self-employed with his own company Reiner Maier and represents several jewellery companies worldwide. Later, as a partner of Leo Wittwer, he shapes the company in the direction of high-quality gold and diamonds.


The company is completely taken over by Reiner Maier.


Own production and manufacturing techniques make the factory internationally recognised for its outstanding quality.


mit Frank Maier betritt die zweite Generation das Familienunternehmen. Die Firma Leo Wittwer erweitert ihre internationalen Märkte. Nach UK etabliert sich Leo Wittwer auf den Märkten in Asien und USA.


marks the birth of the legendary Leo Wittwer Cross – with a return to the lucky charms made in 1920, Frank Maier develops the first sketch of the company’s most well-known piece of jewellery. The trademark of jewellery manufacturer Leo Wittwer is born.


Two years after the first sketch, the Leo Wittwer Cross became world famous – “the most beautiful jewellery cross” was the title of the trade press back then.


The jewellery of the Leo Wittwer factory is available in almost every country in the world. In Dubai Duty Free, Leo Wittwer’s own corner is increasingly expanding.


Diamonds are refined more and more, the solitaire collection is given great importance.


2005 Leo Wittwer starts its own Jewellery Shows in cooperation with its jewellery partners.


The showroom in the Leo Wittwer building is created. Business partner meetings and training sessions find an elegant setting.


Leo Wittwer accessories are made according to own designs, accessories made of leather and silk, with the same standards of perfection, which makes Leo Wittwer well-known.


Cold enamel jewellery adds to the collections that enrich everyday life – Portofino – the legendary Leo Wittwer Cross is given colour.


The first pieces of jewellery of the men’s collection is presented.


A new event concept is developed. In cooperation with the luxury magazine ‘Der Feinschmecker’, newly designed Leo Wittwer event nights are created.


The Panta rhei® line is born and with it the idea that “everything flows, everything is in motion”, which is interpreted in classic diamonds with a modern flair.


The Leo Wittwer Concierge Service is created in cooperation with the gourmet magazine ‘Der Feinschmecker’ and creates experiences between enjoyment and luxury.