The best restaurants in Germany

Immerse yourself in Germany’s gourmet world. Each year, the magazine ‘Der Feinschmecker’ awards the best restaurants in Germany. Perfect craftsmanship meets elegant ambience and exceptional service. Each of these top chefs stands for something special with the aim of refining their perfection more and more. Leo Wittwer’s Concierge Service organises a seat in the best restaurant in Germany, making a jewellery gift from Leo Wittwer an unforgettable experience in a beautiful setting.

Like no other, Sven Elverfeld (u.) transforms seemingly everyday things into big surprises with a real wow factor in the Wolfsburg Autostadt. Something that sounds ordinary and seems as modest as “regional trout marinated & flamed”, turns out to be a complex, exciting dish of the highest caliber with juniper mayonnaise, horseradish, flatbread and cucumber. Creative new German cuisine in a metropolitan, elegant ambience with panoramic windows and a park view par excellence!

The new flavour marvel of Munich! In the Grand Hotel “Bayerischer Hof”, Jan Hartwig (l.) creates stunning marvels: With meticulous perfection, he composes strong, umami-accented tastes, such as a rock red mullet with calf’s heart, glazed in red mullet jus, crunchy, Gruyère, citrus and fine sharpness of jalapeño. All of this is so beautifully presented that each flower, each delicate little leaf contributes a precisely calculated effect. The atmosphere of the room is intimate, with barely 30 seats, in which earthy shades and organic structures create the flair of a glamorous pleasure cave.

Joachim Wissler (r.) made a significant contribution to the fact that new German cuisine has now positioned itself among the world leaders. In the Grand Hotel “Schloss Bensberg”, he shows with easy elegance how pure flavours can be created. Clear compositions characterise his sovereign product cooking with worldwide flavoured accompaniments and profound sauces, exemplified by a thick langoustine froth with masala tandoori seasoning and carrot and ginger emulsion with seed oil. Or the “Toffi-Vee” dessert made from foie gras, caramel and Piedmont hazelnut (see photo above).

No other German chef has combined the Franco-Japanese liaison in such a uniquely culinary way as Christian Bau. “Paris – Tokyo” is the name of his menu, which is also consistent, in which he primarily presents seafood of incomparable quality and beautiful arrangement in this part of the world. He prepares a langoustine with creamy Koshihikari rice, edamame tofu and white Alba truffle. The best of two worlds, perfectly combined.

Christian Jürgens (r.) is the poet among the best leading German chefs. With ravishing miniature productions and surprising interplay of aromas, he brings the landscape of the Tegernsee to the dishes he creates in the elongated, elegant gourmet restaurant of the hotel of the same name. That is also why he succeeds with a wonderfully stimulating freshness, because regional ingredients like a Bavarian prawn from domestic breeding, for example, enter into a delightful symbiosis with cosmopolitan elements, such as gazpacho and pitahaya (dragon fruit).

The proximity to France and Luxembourg is noticeable in the white Wilhelminian style villa, in which the atmosphere in the modern, spacious interior and on the terrace under chestnut trees is characterised by sensuous pleasure. The “Gästehaus” is the most cheerful German top restaurant, a hoard of indulgence in outstanding flavours that Klaus Erfort (o. r.) so masterfully perfected like no other in this part of the country. This is not only the study of classics, such as langoustine royale cooked on sea salt with grilled baby leeks – an example of the aromatic power that Erfort is able to elicit from the perfect products. Or similarly on the Breton lobster, which he turns into a highlight with a velvety, very delicate almond milk topping, green almonds and a brew of green apple with coriander.