Casual and chic: Leo Wittwer bracelets

Leather bracelets by Leo Wittwer offer a casual look, are bang on trend and add an individual touch to make them the perfect men’s accessory for the summer.
A Leo Wittwer leather bracelet is the ideal companion day in, day out, as it can be worn casually on the beach or paired with a suit and watch. One of the latest trends is to combine several bracelets in a stack. Alongside leather bracelets in a range of colours, Leo Wittwer also offers exclusive tennis bracelets or the popular Rough Cut® bracelets.
The secret behind the extraordinary aura of the Rough Cut® is its centrepiece: the diamond that gives it its name, characterised by the fact that it is not faceted, but left as it was given to us by nature – uncut and rough. The diamond is set in a handmade cage made of white or rose gold, which allows maximum light penetration and gives the stone the highest visibility when worn on the wrist.