Contemporary Sir Piccadilly

Let me introduce myself: My name is Piccadilly, my coat is adorned with brown diamonds, the surface appears through the black ruthenium in multi-faceted brown shades. My eyes sparkle through pink sapphires. You can get me in rose gold or yellow gold.

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Reference-No. 22-0428973-23
Dimensions 39 × 23 mm

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brauner Diamant
Pink Safir



Let’s have fun! Style is life, style is movement and style changes over time – fortunately! With the Leo Wittwer Contemporary Collection, Head of Design Frank Maier focuses on the moods in the air and the trends that he notices on his travels around the world. Because the inspiration comes from all directions, this ever-changing collection is characterised by a wide range of influences: the variety ranges from concise, meaningful cocktail rings to talismans that you take to heart as little favourites. All pieces have one thing in common: they are eye-catchers, they make a statement and they place the wearer in the here and now. Jewellery for lovers of the new.

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