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Atelier 1920

The Atelier Collection 1920 embodies all the magic of the creative process of the Leo Wittwer manufacture. Exclusive stones and the sophisticated manufacturing techniques are at the heart of this jewellery art and are offered exclusively as special orders.

The duality of summer – cool refreshing sea blue and warm golden yellows

“The ease of summer: the feeling that flows through you when you look out over the wide sea on a summer’s day and the golden rays of the sun breaking in the waves – that’s the very thing that inspired these wonderful rings.”

Frank Maier

Santa Maria Aquamarine - A Rarity

Aquamarine, Latin for “water of the sea”, fascinates with its varieties of blue tones, ranging from cool light blue to intense ocean blue. The quality designation “Santa Maria” stands for particularly fine aquamarines, they are found in the mine of the same name in Ceará in Brazil. Their intense, strong blue tone is unique among gemstones and cannot be compared to anything else. In the meantime, however, there are only a few aquamarines left in this high quality grade; they are special rarities and coveted by collectors.

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The right presentation

Unique gemstones require sophisticated settings that present them in their beauty in a superior way. Frank Maier, owner and chief designer of Leo Wittwer, is a cosmopolitan who draws his inspiration from experiencing and travelling the world. Extraordinary modern buildings or the beauty of nature serve as inspirations for his designs. So it is no wonder that he and his team of designers came up with something very special for these unique gemstones. A modern, open setting was developed that did justice to the beauty of the stones. Openly designed so that the stone can receive plenty of light to show off its play of colours to full effect, and modern so that the wearer can adorn herself in a trendy and luxurious way.

The golden light of summer

The yellow beryl dresses itself in different shades of yellow, they range from golden yellow to greenish yellow, and enchant with their lively play of colours. The rose gold setting feels like an embrace of summer, and the sun’s rays falling through the yellow beryl immerse the wearer’s skin in the warm light of the sun.

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