Wine Awards 2019

The 17th Wine Award was one of the most entertaining social events in a long time. Everywhere you could feel cheerfulness, a relaxed atmosphere and pure enjoyment on all levels.

At 6 p.m. the Wine Award began with a large champagne reception for all guests. Leo Witwer again had its own lounge in which Frank Maier, Managing Partner, welcomed the guests of Leo Wittwer with a lot of warmth. Right from the start there was a great atmosphere.

Afterwards Barbara Schöneberger moderated like the last years the award ceremony of the best winegrowers internationally, as well as wine legends and wine lovers. One could feel with how much joy she celebrated this award. She wore jewellery by Leo Wittwer to match her wardrobe.

Alois Lageder, the pioneer of South Tyrolean wine, received the Wine Award for his life’s work. Weingourmet of the Year 2019 was the internationally acclaimed and well-known actor Sebastian Koch, who finds his great passion not only in film but also in culinary enjoyment. Many well-known winegrowers were honoured and it was striking that almost all the products this year come from biodynamic cultivation.

Pleasure for all senses

The musician and bandleader Helmut Zerlett was there like every year and created a jolly atmosphere. The star chefs were impressively and lively led onto the stage by the models of the Leo Wittwer event team and entertainingly introduced by Barbara Schöneberger. After the awards ceremony, the star chefs opened their legendary food stations. Barbara Schöneberger and Helmut Zerlett captivated the guests with a lot of humour, wit and great charm.

After the award ceremony, Leo Wittwer opened its second lounge, the Stern von Bensberg Lounge. All VIP guests experienced the unveiling of luxurious pieces of jewellery by Peter Urban, Mr. Eurovision Song Contest, and Peter Rensmann, Managing Director Marketing/Sales Brand Media. The Leo Wittwer models presented beautiful pieces of jewellery and the guests enjoyed the jewellery collections with ample champagne. Numerous pieces of jewellery, which were made especially for this big event, could be admired for the first time. Large extraordinary gemstones, adorned with diamonds of perfect quality, showed their overwhelming beauty.

Craftsmanship at first hand

This perfection of handcraft, made in Germany, could be admired with Tobias Nitschke, goldsmith at Leo Wittwer. He explained the numerous steps until a piece of jewellery reaches its perfection, and you could look over his shoulder. Our guests enjoyed it to get detailed information about the making of e.g. the legendary Leo Wittwer cross, which he had with him in many separate parts and was working on.

The VIP guests of Leo Wittwer enjoyed not only the harmonious atmosphere in the lounge, the whole castle offered in all rooms, on different levels, all the delights of the star chefs. In the ballroom, for example, Bobby Bräuer, Restaurant Esszimmer, the BMW World, Joachim Wissler, Restaurant Vendome, in the Chambre and Harald Wohlfahrt pampered the guests in the Jan Weller room. A total of 11 chefs cared for all guests with beautiful creations. There was even a room only for desserts.

The best winegrowers in the world

The award-winning and nominated international winegrowers presented their awarded wines on the Beletage of the castle and one could personally talk to the winegrowers. Another highlight were the fireworks in the castle courtyard accompanied by music. Afterwards one could dance in the ballroom in a relaxed atmosphere and those who were still hungry strolled to the midnight snack at the lobby.

Our guests were enthusiastic about the versatility of this extraordinary event, the relaxed atmosphere, but also the elegance of the people, decorated with beautiful jewels and noble wardrobe. A picturesque castle with many interesting people from show business, economy and politics, who shared the same passion for delights and the special.

The Wine Award at Schloss Bensberg – an incomparable night full of luxury and enjoyment

Frank Maier, Managing Director at Leo Wittwer