Leo Wittwer: Jewellery for giving

All-round radiance: Eternity rings remind us time and again of wonderful events such as an anniversary or the birth of a child. This model in rose gold with brown diamonds gives the theme a new look. The diamond ring, with its sophisticated interplay of diamonds set in a circle and a brilliant solitaire in the centre is a perfect match.

Fashion-conscious men dream of these on-trend jewellery pieces: The classic tennis bracelet is seen on influencers’ wrists worldwide. A masculine reinterpretation of the eternity ring with diamonds set in a row in an exclusive baguette cut, and a bracelet from the “Rough Cut®” line, which expresses a completely new, casual type of luxury with an unpolished diamond and a fabric bracelet.

A new interpretation of a stylish classic: Right now, trendsetting men and women around the world are wearing trendy diamond bracelets. Leo Wittwer has now updated the piece of jewellery known since the 1980s as a tennis bracelet in rose gold and with brown diamonds. The result is a stylish piece of unisex jewellery that brings together several different trends.

Expressive and masculine: three pieces for men who are looking for something special. The white gold ring from the LOVE ICON collection has a striking, masculine look thanks to the triangular faces on the surface that are set against each other. The iconic Leo Wittwer cross with black enamel inlays and a princess-cut diamond can be worn as a statement piece over a shirt or as a personal piece of jewellery. This exclusive white gold ring with cross-cut baguette diamonds shows how masculine a modern eternity ring can be.

Everyday jewellery for men – The white gold bracelet with black enamel inlay and matching ring are a perfect set for a subtle yet sophisticated look that conveys individuality and refinement in both work and out-of-work settings.

The ear studs and pendant from the iconic Panta rhei® line echo the philosopher Heraclitus’ aphorism: “Everything flows”. Consequently the lines of the jewellery, classically crafted in rose gold, have oval curves. Solitaire diamonds on the earlobes or in the centre of the pendant perfectly complete the feminine elegance of these wonderful companions to everyday life.

The white gold used and the classically symmetrical design of the ear studs, the pendant and the ring – also from the Panta rhei® line – radiate fine elegance. The brilliant-cut circle-setting and the expressive diamonds used as accents in the exclusive baguette cut epitomise modern luxury.

Signet rings are both classic and super up-to-date – the perfect men’s gift. Thousands of years have passed since then, but these statement pieces are firmly anchored in the here and now. The highest manufacturing quality mean they glide onto your finger almost by themselves. Alongside the lagestone, malachite and carnelian shown, there is also a choice of tiger’s eye, lapis, onyx and heliotrope. Something for true individualists: Some of these stones can be engraved with your choice of motif, while others, like tiger’s eye and malachite, can be worn as a pure statement piece.

The “Signature Necklace” from the iconic Panta rhei® line is truly eye-catching. In line with the guiding principle of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus that “Everything flows”, the exclusive necklace nestles perfectly on the neckline with its unique mix of rose and white gold parts and large diamonds. The interplay of different tones of gold also has a wonderful effect on the earrings. The rose gold sitting on the earlobe flatters the skin while the white gold makes the pendant diamond shine.

The matching bangle and ring from Leo Wittwer Men are both masculine and casual. Matt grey cold enamel inlays arranged in a diamond pattern with their clean lines create a cool, masculine vibe, while diamonds in an exclusive princess cut signify sheer luxury.

Back to black! Influencers who are shaping style are also increasingly opting for black as the number one fashion colour for jewellery. Leo Wittwer picks up on the trend in the most modern of ways: The Eternity ring with black diamonds and the reinterpretation of the iconic Leo Wittwer cross in blackened white gold are eye-catching gifts for fashion-conscious women and men.

Men love diamonds too: Cold black enamel gives the iconic Leo Wittwer cross a modern masculine touch, while the stone setting provides a refined contrast. A ring with black cold enamel and a diamond in an exclusive princess cut makes a confident statement on your finger.

Bracelets are the ultimate trend for men. A plaited leather strap with a high-quality rose gold hook clasp creates casual luxury that can be perfectly teamed with your watch. With an uncut diamond set in a rose gold bezel, the Rough Cut® Bracelet epitomises a whole new level of subtle luxury for real individualists.

It mirrors the wearer’s movements and immediately puts everyone who looks into its emerald green eyes in a good mood. The charming Monsieur Louis is a very special companion who will win hearts and make a particularly cute gift.

A eternity ring like no other: with rows of diamonds symbolising shared memories, eternity rings are some of the most coveted pieces of jewellery around. The large expressive stones and a setting that allows maximum light to fall on the diamonds make this eternity ring a very special example of its kind.

At the top of trendsetting men’s wish lists is exclusive arm jewellery, as seen on fashionistas in the world’s fashion capitals. A sophisticated bangle or a trendy tennis bracelet made of rose gold and diamonds can make a fashionable man particularly happy. If you prefer a more classic look, a rose or white gold signet ring makes an ideal gift.

With us in every situation: Pendants follow our every move – so it’s no wonder they are particularly popular pieces. This necklace from the iconic “Panta rhei®” line exudes special refined elegance with its three diamond-set rings and the sophisticated contrast of rose and white gold.

The stars come out at night – men can also stand out when the dress code is “black tie”. An evocative cross, a white gold tennis bracelet with black and white diamonds or a bangle will make you want to celebrate.

For a gift giver who wants to create a very special memory: This ring is created with baguette-cut diamonds set end to end and lined with brilliant-cut diamonds: an eye-catching piece that, even years later, will always bring back the moment that you first saw it on your hand.

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